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Product Description :

XPD SUPER MOTOR OIL is a premium heavy duty diesel engine oil designed to meet the warranty requirements of most diesel engine manufacturers and was specifically developed to be a “universal” engine oil recommended for both two-cycle and four-cycle diesel engines equipped with EGR valves as well as gasoline engines. It is suitable over a wide range of operating service and temperature conditions and also when using diesel fuel of either high or low fuel sulfur levels. The high alkaline reserve (TBN) effectively protects bearings and other engine surfaces from corrosive effect of acids formed in the combustion process. This motor oil is a blend of highly refined base oils and specially selected additives designed to provide excellent performance in all recommended applications. Contains an effective detergent-dispersant package which keeps the sulfated ash at a minimum while providing excellent protection against fuel soot and control of oil consumption during service.

Features :

Excellent soot control in the Mack T-10.

Highly oxidation stable -protects engine against sludge and varnish deposits.
High alkaline reserve permits extending drain interval to the maximum allowed by the manufacturer.
Gives excellent deposit and wear protection in gasoline engines.
Provides protection comparable to specialty formulated gasoline service only products.
Designed to meet 2002 emission standards and beyond.

Typical Uses :

The SAE 15W-40 grade of XPD Super Motor Oil exceeds API Service Categories CI-4/SL and is recommended for diesel engines in off-highway service as well as over the road SAE grades 30,40,& 50 meet or exceed CF/CF-2/SL.

Recommended as a “long drain” motor oil when used in conjunction with an oil analysis program.
For ail engines requiring an oil exceeding Mack EOM specifi cations.
Recommended for all turbo-charged engines where the manufacturer specifies a CI-4, CH-4, CG-4, CF, CF-4, CF-2, CE, S-3, or MIL-L-2104D, MIL-L-2104F or MIL-L-46152E level oil. Can also be used in gasoline passenger cars and light trucks.
SAE grade 15W-40 meets Cummins 20076 and 20077.
Meets Volvo VDS requirements (VDS-2, VDS-3) SAE Grade 15W-40 meets MB228.3, ACEA E5-99 and DHD-1 requirements.

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