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Product Description :

UNITRAN ATF is a general-purpose ATF manufactured from premium quality base oils and blended with a specifically balanced additive combination to provide high oxidation stability, excellent foam resistance, corrosion wear protection, and heat resistance. This complex fl uid is also compounded with a friction-modifying additive to provide smooth lock-up of clutches without chatter.

UNITRAN ATF is a general-purpose fl uid that meets and exceeds all the old OEM specifi cations like MERCON, Allison and others.

Features :

Excellent wear protection and quiet, smooth operation.
Superior thermal and oxidation stability.
Protects against rust and corrosion.
Outstanding seal compatibility.
Dyed red to detect leaks.
Multi-functional fluid - Reduced inventory.

Typical Uses :

Meets the Performance requirements of Mercon.
Meets the requirements for Chrysler, Allison C4 specifi cations.
Recommended for most European OEM requirements.
Recommended for use in General Motors Vehicles, where DEXRON VI products is not recommended.

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