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Product Description :

R & O INDUSTRIAL OILS is manufactured from high quality, highly refined paraffin base stocks. A well balanced additive package provides excellent oxidation resistance, and good protection against rust, corrosion and foam. Oxidation stability at high temperatures reduces the tendency of the oil to thicken in service and the potential for deposit and sludge formation. Excellent demulsibility enables the oil to separate from water quickly.

Features :

Excellent oxidation stability for long life at elevated temperatures.
Separates quickly from water.
Non foaming.
Retains viscosity over wide temperature range.
Superior rust protection.
Low carbon forming tendencies in air compressors.
Minimum effect on most seal materials.

Typical Uses :

Recommended for air compressors.
Hydraulic systems operating under 1000 PSI which do not require antiwear additives.
Plain and anti-friction bearings, electric motor and generator bearings, vacuum pumps, and speed reducers.
Centrifugal, turbine and deep well pumps.
Gear cases requiring AGMA Specifi cation
R & O Lubricants 1 through 6.
General purpose lubrication.

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